Vytautas Butkus

Trys kubai

Education platform for schools that utilizes the computer game Minecraft to increase the motivation of students.


Over the last few decades technological progress has greatly surpassed changes in the education system. The gap between technology-filled daily lives of children and outdated teaching methods is widening. These systemic shifts have led to decreasing student motivation to learn in schools and in turn - to worsening academic achievements. According to the latest PISA student achievement survey, Lithuania is lagging behind both OECD and our closest neighbor countries.


We are creating an educational platform via the computer game Minecraft. We are adapting the traditional curriculum and migrating it to a game environment. In Minecraft, students can learn new topics or do exercises for things that have learned in class. The automated system allows the teachers to focus more students and their progress. This platform increases the motivation of students and helps them achieve better results.

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