Viktoria Velichkova Yana Lipovanska


Margaritka is a project created by Vicktoria Velichkova and Yana Lipovanska with the aim to entertain and educate the youngest children (0-5) with music and 3D videos, as well as to help their parents find a way to their children.


There is a lack of quality audio and video content in Bulgarian language which both educates and entertains children. As a result the youngsters don’t have any native role models to follow and learn from. In addition in the dynamics of the everyday life, parents are emotionally distant from their kids and do not have enough time for shared experiences.


Margaritka CD gave new life to 11 of the most loved Bulgarian children songs of all times. All the income from the first edition of the CD is invested in building the first of its kind innovative children’s music playground where both children and parents can have their shared experiences while they sing and play instruments together. Margaritka also makes 3D animated modern videos where their three main characters - Bibi, Mimi and Margaritka - help children learn in a more contemporary way.


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