Veselina Feldman


Veselina Feldman proposes a modern innovative therapy – Equine-Assisted Therapy - for improving functioning and quality of life for children with disabilities.


In Bulgaria, children with disabilities and their families have lower quality of life. They often lack access to contemporary and innovative treatments, and professionals who work with these children do not receive specialized training. As a result, children with disabilities face even more barriers to developing their full potential. Instead, they remain isolated, stigmatized, and hidden from society. By not helping them achieve independence and self-sufficiency, the Bulgarian society is losing a valuable resource.


Veselina Feldman has been implementing and promoting an innovative equine-assisted therapy for children with disabilities. This therapy is based on using contact with the horse to achieve positive psychological effects and development. Veselina is offering the therapy to children between 3-18 years old in individual and group sessions.

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