Simona Koncytė


Production and adaptation of special clothing for children who must carry medical devices, according to their needs. Clothing will help children to better integrate into society, enhance freedom of movement, and safe carrying of devices.


Insulin pump is the most effective way of dealing with the 1 type diabetes. Children who have this illness mostly carry an insulin pump and thus face the challenge of free movement. In Lithuania there are about 700 such children of age 2-14 and around 542,000 in the world. These numbers are growing every year. There are no adapted or specialized clothes currently in the market, and these children face additional challenges. Their free movement becomes limited, they have less leisure opportunities. If they carry the pumps in special belts, the devices are visible, and needless to say that questions are received from other kids. Parents often are worried if they will not face additional costs if the device breaks. If this happens the health risk also increases.


Gudo+ is innovative clothing, particularly designed for children with diabetes. Special pockets ensure safe carrying of the insulin pump and more freedom of movement. Thanks to these pockets the device is integrated inside and not visible. By wearing these products children experience an easier integration into society and have a better quality of life.

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