Rosie Linder & Jesper Engström

Peppy Pals

Peppy Pals is an award-winning organization developing fun, educational games and books that nurture children's Emotional Intelligence (EQ). It is a unique way of learning and experiencing emotions, empathy, collaboration and friendship without ”right or wrong


Research shows that in Sweden, 1-2 children in every class are subjected to bullying and cyber-bullying. This leads to a higher risk of lower academic achievement, feelings of loneliness, anxiety, depression, and even suicide. Meanwhile as a society, Sweden values IQ over Emotional Intelligence (EQ) despite EQ showing to be more important for creating an equal society and a successful, happy personal life.


To solve this problem, Rosie started Peppy Pals, a mobile EQ game that teaches kids between 3-6 years old about friendship and empathy. Rosie hopes that this will prevent them from being bullied or bullying others. After receiving support for devising launch strategies, marketing plans, and impact measurements, Peppy Pals has become one of Stockholm's hottest startups. The game is ranked as a top-10 children's app in 10+ countries. Amazon has even featured it globally as the free app of the day, which resulted in another 80,000+ downloads.

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