Rebecca Madhani

Mitt Livs Val

Mitt Livs Val believes in an inclusive society in which all newly arrived youth have equal choices in life as much as the ‘established’ Swedes. Building on that belief, they have created the first large-scale mentorship program between Swedish students and unaccompanied refugee youth to provide them with a path to attend higher education in Sweden and reduce cultural polarization.


Recently arrived refugee youth show academically poor high school results with 50 % of them not able to complete high school, compared to only 9 % for native Swedes. Further, there’s a lack of information provided of the opportunities beyond high school. Consequently, recently arrived refugee youth representation at higher education institutions in Sweden is low, resulting in low employment figures in this already exposed group of youth.


Mitt Livs Val offers a mentorship program to increase the number of marginalised youth applying and attending higher education. Mitt Livs Val is built on a three-step approach: «Dream, Dare and Act», allowing the youth of socio-economically weak areas to interact with students in higher education institutions to motivate, guide and coach them in pursuing higher education. Mitt Livs Val collaborates with higher education institutions, such as Handelshögskolan, to train mentors in coaching mentees. This mentorship model is the first large-scale initiative approaching this pressing issue in Sweden.


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