Odeta Intė

Tėvai tariasi taikiai- 3T

Co-parenting app “3T” for divorced parents that improves the relationship of the parents and eases the struggles of parenting while separated.


In Lithuania, more than 8500 marriages end every year. Divorces affect around 7000 children annually, and more than half experience conflicts during the divorce process. Research shows that difficult parent divorces involving children leave children with psychological, emotional and social-economics scars.

Manipulation of divorced partner using children, disallowing children to see their other parent, making a child spy, pass on insults, or choose a side are actions that severely hurt children and their well-being.


3T will help parents learn how to communicate, plan and make decisions regarding childcare.

An app will consists of:
1) Calendar and financial segment will help decide on who spends time with the child and when. The financial segment will also help to plan and share the costs of childcare.
2) Messages and video calls will use AI to help parents learn to spot insults in their communication
3) A possibility to order professional services of mediator, social worker or any other specialist.

The app will help to create a safe childhood in two homes and will allow parents to avoid

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