Nikoleta Popkostadinova


Nikoleta ​Popkostadinova is going to create an online platform, open and honest, to fill in the gaps in sexual health education of Bulgarian teenagers


In Bulgaria, there is barely any education on sexual health in schools, and traditionally, sex is a taboo topic that is not discussed within families. Without the education, young people face increased health risks related to sexual activities. Currently, Bulgarian teenagers make up the majority of the cases for sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. For example, nine out of ten people with HIV contracted the disease after having unsafe sex. In addition, one out of four women in Bulgaria is a victim of sexual abuse.


The online platform, loveguide.bg, is one solution for educating young people about safe and fun sex. They can find anything from love and relationships to sex and sexual health. The website strives to provide information that is reliable, friendly, positive, simple, open, and honest. After the site launched in December 2015, it has reached more than 3,000 teenagers as of August 2016. Besides online education, Loveguide hosts offline seminars, presentations, and training. So far, the organization has met almost 500 young people face-to-face from all around the country.

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