Nerijus Buivydas


Nerijus has opened a Democratic school to change the Lithuanian education system and aspire for an education system that will take into consideration the student's´needs and abilities, resulting in better quality in teaching and learning, and overall satisfaction.


The school system in Lithuania has been ranked 27th out of 29 countries for the quality of education as well as children´s happiness. The issue lies with the unified teaching system which takes into account neither the differences in children's abilities nor their individual needs. Therefore, the children do not feel heard or seen in school. Also with the way the school system works, it creates too much workload for teachers, lowering the prestige and attractiveness of the teaching profession.


To address this issue, Nerijus Buivydas created the first Democratic School in Lithuania.
At this school, children will be heard and their opinions will be taken into consideration in planning their education, which exemplifies the principles of democracy. By applying democratic principles in public schools, Nerijus hopes to raise awareness about upholding democratic principles for the entire country. Starting Democratic School is the first step in that direction, using students’ needs and abilities to create higher-quality teaching and learning – and greater overall satisfaction for both students and teachers.


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