Milena Tashkova Sofia Ferdinandova

Life by the Kilo

Milena Tashkova and Sofia Ferdinandova founded Life by the Kilo with the aim of preventing eating disorders among pupils in the 5th-12th grade. They want to show pupils the connection between eating habits, emotions and the way they see themselves.


According to a study made in 2011, over 250 000 young girls in Bulgaria suffer from Eating disorders (ED), but the real number is higher. A “WHO” study suggests that in recent years the cases of anorexia and bulimia among young people between 12-16 years old has grown twice. The number of people with some type of ED is over 65%.


The project suggests 3 themes regarding the prevention of ED. The first is about the perception of appearance, role models, the influence of stereotypes and the media. The second is about the inner experiences and eating behavior, the third – about the markers and consequences of ED. They work through interactive games, so students can understand through experience.


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