Liene Shomase

Lienes Šomases bērnu un jauniešu radošā studija

Liene has developed her own special method “Inspiring through the music with breathing underlyings”, that teaches children to see and develop their talents. Lienes studio goal is to give a possibility for children and teenagers from economically disadvantaged families, orphanages or foster families to develop their creativity and grow into confident and opinionated parts of society. Studio offers a special program that includes the art of speech, styling courses, image creation, singing and music therapy classes.


In Latvia, families from economically disadvantaged groups usually devote their attention to managing the household and do not always give extra attention to their children’s personal development.


While working with various charity organizations, Liene Šomase realized that children from disadvantaged families, orphanages, and foster care possessed great creativity and talent. With a methodological approach, Liene organized a special teaching program that enables children to develop their opinions and creativity, become more self-aware, and realize their talent. Through the program, she hopes that children would feel like they have become an important part of the society.


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