Ina Grasmane


Ina created Love House where children are looking for an answer to the question “who am I?” with the careful guidance from adults. Latvian specialists developed education, training and therapeutic system called "Pedagogy of Love" that is being implemented in the LoveHouse. This unique system is teaching children to love the life. It also teaches adults how to talk to children so that the child would get the message “We Love You!”


The current education system and the traditional upbringing in Latvia divert many children from their inner self and true nature, and this prevents them from examining their own emotional and behavioral issues. Many parents are also traumatized from Latvia’s political past, so they close themselves off from their emotional trauma and normalize this within their families. As a result, the build-up of emotional stress leads children to develop behavioral problems and psychosomatic diseases, which lowers their creativity and problem-solving abilities.


In finding a solution to this issue, Ina Grasmane created Love House. Love House consists of two components: The first is a kindergarten for children between 2-7 years old where they learn the “Pedagogy of Love.” The “Pedagogy of Love” helps children with emotional, behavioral, and learning disabilities to develop social, intellectual, physical, and emotional skills. The second component involves therapy groups called “Love Therapy” which is tailored to children between 3-13 years old. These groups help children with emotional and behavioral disorders, and aims to restore their relationship with their inner self and their creative potential. The goal is to integrate “Pedagogy of Love ” and “Love Therapy” into the Latvian education system.


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