Emilian Kadiiski & Teodor Kostadinov


Emilian and Teodor created IT center in an underdeveloped part of Bulgaria where they teach children free IT courses, broadening their horizons and influencing their ways of life.


For the majority of the young people in Vratsa, one of the poorest regions in Europe, there is a severe lack of opportunities for well-paid jobs and professional development. There are almost no functioning large businesses in town, and combined with poor education and a lack of entrepreneurial spirit, these factors are causing young people to leave the area. As a result of this continued exodus of young people, Vratsa is trapped in a cycle of underdevelopment.


To keep the talent of young people in the area, Vratsa Software Community is providing training and job opportunities in information technology for young people between the ages of 13-18 in Vratsa. Emo and Teo from the community are teaching free IT courses to build up the talent and broaden young people’s horizons as well as organizing IT events to bring new organizations and software businesses to the city. Young people who complete their training will now have places to work, be paid well, and have good opportunities to gain professional development in their hometown.


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