Elin Wernquist


Barnrättsbyrån works with children and young people’s human rights. It is Sweden’s first advocacy service devoted to children’s rights which offer individual children and young people practical help, support and advice.


Currently, the Conventions of the Rights of the Child (CRC) lacks judicial weight in Sweden, which means that society as a whole do not recognize children as a full bearer of their rights. Along with a historical legacy of dismissing such entitlements, this creates a flawed judicial system that ultimately lead to inequality of all forms: race, gender, age, and socioeconomic discrimination. There are also structural issues in the implementation of children’s rights such as bureaucracy, non child-friendly systems, and regional differences in respecting their rights.


Elin Wernquist created Barnrättsbyrån to solve this pressing problem. Barnrättsbyrån is an independent children’s rights bureau that offers social and legal support to secure the rights for each child. Elin is planning to use this advocacy work as a leverage to change policy. The vision of Barnrättsbyrån is to ensure that all children in Sweden have access to independent legal counsel on a self-referral basis. All children who seek independent counsel should feel listened to, believed in, and taken seriously.


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