Eglė Jokužytė


Eglė creates and produces books combining Braille and usual symbols to induce blind children's literacy and remove social barriers.


In Lithuania, there are no specialized libraries to help blind children learn how to read and write. Also, there is little interest from publishers to print books for blind children because they are expensive and hold no financial advantage for those companies. At the same time, Lithuania is currently experiencing a growing number of illiterate children and an increasing social divide between blind and non-blind children.


Eglė Jokužytė invented a technology that makes it possible to produce books combining Braille and the most common symbols to increase blind children's literacy and remove social barriers.

Eglė’s organization, Verslas ar Menas, not only produces bilingual books but also organizes drawing competitions where the most beautiful pictures appear on postcards and calendars specially designed for the blind children – a first of its kind. Now blind children can actually know when their birthday is. Verslas ar Menas also organizes workshops that bring blind and non-blind children together and hosts exhibitions where people can only “see” sculptures with their hands – along with other exciting and creative events.


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