Dalia Mikoliūnaitė


DRĄSIŲ KALVĖ - interactive theatre for socially excluded children - increasing their self-esteem, helping to discover and to develop their talents.


Bad habits, bullying, weak school performance, violence, growing numbers of suicide, mental ilnesses - common social problems of society. Most of the time, low self-esteem of children plays a key role in creating or nourishing said problems.
The modern society is heavily dominated by brave, active and self-secure people who can establish themselves and be vocal about their rights. Children from rural areas, however, fail to develop similar traits and face difficulties in life later on. They usually are brought up to live at a slower pace, and so when they find themselves in harsher modern-city environments, their self-esteem falls, they feel alone and neglected by the society.

Low self-esteem can lead to underdevelopment of goals, ignored personal needs, and decreased quality of life. This is especially well pronounced in environments that have little cultural or social activities.


We are creating a centre for children to experience interactive theatre. The activities will provide them with an opportunity to discover and then to develop their talents, as well as will increase their self-esteem.

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