Catharina Richter & Monica Nanni

Randiga Huset

Randiga Huset supports grieving children and their families, and strive to raise community awareness about children in mourning.


In Sweden, almost 3,200 children lose their parents every year, changing their lives forever. These children are especially vulnerable because most of the available support are aimed at the grieving adults. This often leads to misunderstandings and feelings of isolation for the children in the family, which arise from a lack of empathy for their situation and resources available to help them.


Catharina and Monica are addressing this problem by providing education, counseling, and support to grieving children and their caregivers. Through Randiga Huset, they hope to raise awareness and increase knowledge around this issue to protect the rights of children in grief, and then use this awareness as a leverage to change policy. Catharina and Monica´s vision for Randiga Huset is that every child who has lost an important person in their life or is preparing to go through the process of grieving will receive adequate information and support that he or she needs.


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