Anton Håkanson


DayCape is a digital calendar app for people with autism, which supports them throughout their day and that they can plan at their own pace. Using the help of images and reminders the app gives the user a clear overview of the day. The app can be shared and customized, to not only make it easier to use but also to allow those taking part in your day to plan the schedule.


In Sweden, children with autism do not receive the necessary tools and support to excel during their day. Currently, the society neither acknowledges the challenges these children are facing everyday nor the talents that they possess. Rather, the society as a whole has become more turbulent, noisier, stressful, and less friendly, which amplifies the challenges for autistic children. As a consequence, they often feel isolated because they find it difficult to achieve a sense of belonging. On top of that, their education is often inadequate, resulting in low self-esteem and sometimes even depression.


To solve this challenge, Anton Håkansson created an app called DayCape. It is a digital calendar app that helps children with autism plan their day at their own pace and navigate life on their own. Anton´s goal is to enable all children in Sweden with mild and moderate autism to achieve the same level of independence and sense of belonging as children without autism -- and even make autism feel like a superpower!


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