Anna Shelepova


Anna and her team build multifunctional sports grounds in Almaty, making sport accessible for all children including children from dysfunctional families who don't have opportunity to buy special equipment.


Out of about 5 million children in Kazakhstan, 4.4 million or 88% of the children do not participate in any organized sports or activity program. Sports facilities are too expensive to maintain for regular use, and the Kazakh government primarily supports professional sports which have no direct impact on the health of the children. As a consequence, about 90% of the children develop chronic diseases by the time they graduate from school.


Sport Concept organizes sports programs within walking distance of children and helps communities find investors for building or refurbishing sports courts. The organization gathers volunteers who will maintain these facilities and provides them with legal and logistical information on how to do this. Sport Concept also engages with government agencies and lawmakers to raise awareness about the existing problems and promote their solution.


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