Alesya Nugayeva

Nugayeva Alesya is an art-therapist, she realizes creative art-projects: decorations, articles, playing grounds made from salvage. Her motto is “From consumer to creator!”


Kazakhstan lack a comprehensive, integrated and strong education program for children and youth on ecology and sustainable development. Government bodies barely fund and pay little attention to environmental programs for children and youth aiming to educate on environmental protection.


ETO Dvor has developed an eco-art therapeutic program for children. They have already implemented the program in several schools and communities and aim for it to be accepted by the state educational system. In the program they create an environment based on the children's needs to be able to improve their eco skills by eco art therapy classes, art trainings, playgrounds building, story reading etc. They also involve communities in building playgrounds, planting trees and encourage them to collect waste and maintain their playgrounds.

"With the help of creative work and art we teach our children to love our world and to take responsibility for what is happening around us. We believe that if a child is involved in the creation process, he would never pollute the nature and has no consumer attitude towards the things around him!"


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