Aleksandrs Morozovs


Young Folks LV is an organisation that empowers youngsters and helps them develop their skills and realise their full potential. Organisation provides various activities for youngsters, like School of Profession, leadership program Realitychangers, photography, painting, swimming and math lessons, as well as a summer camp for small kids, where youngsters become the leaders and project managers.


In Latvia, many young people do not know how to realize their full potential. In many cases, the families are too controlling and do not understand the need for young people to be independent and achieve self-actualization. Parents often do not have enough knowledge and skills to support their children because they never had the opportunity themselves to reach their full potential and follow their dreams. In addition, the schools only focus on academic performance, and the teachers do not have the time nor the capacity to provide students the guidance they seek. This results in youths lacking confidence to live their own life and choose their own path.


Aleksandrs Morozovs opened the Social Entrepreneurship Youth Center where young people can organize courses based on their own interests (e.g., photo, sports, arts, music, etc.) for other young people. Through these activities, the youth center facilitates their entrance into the labor market and guides them towards self-actualization. The goal of the youth center is for every youth to realize his or her full potential.

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