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  • Anna  Shelepova

    Анна Шелепова SPORT CONCEPT

    Анна и ее команда строят многофункциональные спортивные площадки в Алматы, делая спорт доступным для всех детей, в том числе из тех семей, где нет возможности покупать специальный спортивный инвентарь.

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  • Alesya Nugayeva

    Алеся Нугаева

    Алеся Нугаева - психолог арт-терапевт, руководитель детского центра Лаборатория Творчества ЭТО. Организатор проекта ЭТО-Двор. Создает с детьми игровые площадки, поделки, украшения из вторсырья.

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  • Nassima Dzair

    Nassima Dzair InterBridge

    Nassima fights the increasing polarization in society. InterBridge offer courses that builds capacity, develops leadership skills and inspires youth to be responsible, in order for youth to see their role in society and contribute to preventing social exclusion.

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  • Rita Riekstiņa

    Rita Riekstiņa SEE THE LIFE

    “Majskola” (Home-school) is a website, where children from all around the world can connect to knowers - people, who are professionals in their field and are ready to share their knowledge and experience. The goal of this project is to give a possibility to children, who have various health issues, to get free additional education and get a possibility to improve their social skills and self-esteem, as well as reduce the amount of bullying towards children, who are “different” and teach healthy kids sympathy.

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  • Vaida Jasiulevičienė

    Vaida Jasiulevičienė UNIQUE CHILD

    "Unique child" is a web platform where children can increase their self esteem and resilience through games.

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  • Veselina Feldman


    Veselina Feldman proposes a modern innovative therapy – Equine-Assisted Therapy - for improving functioning and quality of life for children with disabilities.

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  • Nikoleta  Popkostadinova

    Nikoleta Popkostadinova LOVE GUIDE

    Nikoleta ​Popkostadinova is going to create an online platform, open and honest, to fill in the gaps in sexual health education of Bulgarian teenagers

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  • Svetlana Smurigina & Natalya Rumyantseva

    Светлана Смурыгина и Наталья Румянцева ИНКЛЮЗИВНЫЙ ИППОТЕАТР

    В рамках Инклюзивного Иппотеатра Светлана и Наталья из Ярославля организуют специальные представления и спектакли, в которых участвуют лошади, обычные дети и дети с ограниченными возможностями здоровья.

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  • Saad Yusuf Hashi & Firdawsa Ahmed

    Saad Yusuf Hashi & Firdawsa Ahmed Atlas Kompetanse

    Saad and Firdawsa seek to improve communication between teachers and parents who have a minority background. The goal is to support parents so they better can help their children to develop their socially skills and reach their full potential academically.

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  • Edita Gilė


    "Viking village“ presents an innovative method for teaching history via experiential education.

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  • Yana Leonova


    Яна работает в благотворительности с 2002 года. В проекте обеспечивает процесс создания видеоанкет и отвечает за популяризацию благотворительной программы.

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  • Eglė Jokužytė

    Eglė Jokužytė VERSLAS AR MENAS

    Eglė creates and produces books combining Braille and usual symbols to induce blind children's literacy and remove social barriers.

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  • Camilla Skare

    Camilla Skare Fysak Camp

    Fysak Camp offers complementary physical activities to children, in order to increase children’s physical and mental health. Camilla also aims at building a solid starting point for children in order to maintain and enjoy a healthy lifestyle throughout life.

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  • Liene Shomase

    Liene Shomase Lienes Šomases bērnu un jauniešu radošā studija

    Liene has developed her own special method “Inspiring through the music with breathing underlyings”, that teaches children to see and develop their talents. Lienes studio goal is to give a possibility for children and teenagers from economically disadvantaged families, orphanages or foster families to develop their creativity and grow into confident and opinionated parts of society. Studio offers a special program that includes the art of speech, styling courses, image creation, singing and music therapy classes.

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  • Sofia Appelgren

    Sofia Appelgren Mitt Livs Val

    Mitt Livs Val believes in an inclusive society in which all newly arrived youth have equal choices in life as much as the ‘established’ Swedes. Building on that belief, they have created the first large-scale mentorship program between Swedish students and unaccompanied refugee youth to provide them with a path to attend higher education in Sweden and reduce cultural polarization.

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  • Olga Kolpakova


    Ольга Колпакова - к.пс.н., директор БФСП «Галактика». Отвечает за методическую поддержку Молодежного волонтерского движения. Марина Куцак - психолог, основатель и руководитель Молодежного волонтерского движения.

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  • Giedrius Bučas

    Giedrius Bučas KÜRYBOS KAMPAS 360

    Creative angle 360 - a place for children to learn about and act on environmental issues.

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  • AnneSofie Blixt

    AnneSofie Blixt Tilia

    Tilia supports young people between 12-30 with mental illness to create hope and security, through preventive, supportive and advocacy work.

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  • Audronė Masiukienė

    Audronė Masiukienė FEAR LAB

    Fear lab helps young people understand and overcome their fears. We provide the knowledge how to talk about the difficulties of describing the various solutions and let the young person choose the suitable one.We work with pupils, students, disadvantaged young people, youth in a social exclusion, blind children and children with other disabilities. We apply a variety of attractive and interactive methods that are suitable and interesting for each of them.

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  • Amir Sajadi & Milad Mohammadi

    Amir Sajadi & Milad Mohammadi JÄRVASKOLAN

    Järvaskolan works to create an equal school where every pupil gets inspired to have limitless dreams and motivation towards a higher education.

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  • Lyuben Georgiev

    Lyuben Georgiev RE - ACT ASSOCIATION

    Lyuben will provide social and professional integration of youths under institutional care for deviant behavior by establishing social enterprise for bicycles manufacturing

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  • Natassia Fry & Pegah Afsharian

    Natassia Fry & Pegah Afsharian Kompis Ungdom

    Kompis Ungdom is a buddy program connecting established Swedes with newly arrived youth with the aim to erase cultural and social barriers among Swedish youth. Kompis Ungdom’s vision is to build long lasting friendship between peers in order to reduce cultural polarization and to combat exclusion in Sweden.

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  • Rosie Linder & Jesper Engström

    Rosie Linder & Jesper Engström Peppy Pals

    Peppy Pals is an award-winning organization developing fun, educational games and books that nurture children's Emotional Intelligence (EQ). It is a unique way of learning and experiencing emotions, empathy, collaboration and friendship without ”right or wrong

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  • Artiomas Šabajevas

    Artiomas Šabajevas Tolerancijos ir fizinės gerovės ugdymo centras

    Providing specialized help for children with obesity and overweight.

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  • Faridah Shakoor

    Faridah Shakoor Abloom Filmfestival

    Abloom Filmfestival gathers children, youth and parents, to reduce the taboos connected to disabilities. The primary target group is minority families, in which the taboo of disabilities is most profound. Abloom Filmfestival aims to reduce isolation, loneliness, and low self-esteem that the children with disabilities often experience.

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  • Anton Håkanson

    Anton Håkanson DayCape

    DayCape is a digital calendar app for people with autism, which supports them throughout their day and that they can plan at their own pace. Using the help of images and reminders the app gives the user a clear overview of the day. The app can be shared and customized, to not only make it easier to use but also to allow those taking part in your day to plan the schedule.

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  • Lisa Cooper

    Lisa Cooper CATALYST

    Lisa founded Catalyst to support youth who are at risk of not completing their education. Catalyst is a mentor and coaching program, which matches youth, primarily youth with a minority background, to a personal and trained mentor.

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  • Anna  Tikhomirova


    Тихомирова Анна, закончила факультет психологии МГУ, 20 лет работала как психолог и руководитель социальных проектов в сфере помощи детям и подросткам, находящимся в трудной жизненной ситуации. "{орошая детская книга, прочитанная в нужное время, - очень важна, поэтому свой книжный проект считаю помогающим детям, подросткам и родителям справляться с жизненными трудностями".

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  • Emilian Kadiiski &  Teodor Kostadinov

    Emilian Kadiiski & Teodor Kostadinov VRATSA SOFTWARE

    Emilian and Teodor are going to create IT center in an underdeveloped part of Bulgaria where they will teach children free IT courses, broadening their horizons and influencing their ways of life.

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  • Elin Lutke & Jailton Carneiro

    Elin Lutke & Jailton Carneiro Cirkus Unik

    Cirkus Unik combines entrepreneurship and contemporary circus to create social inclusion and opportunities for children and youth in Sweden.

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  • Artem Sorokin


    Артем координирует работу Мастерской "РукиОттуда", где выпускники коррекционных интернатов и ребята с ограниченными возможностями учатся столярному делу и могут подрабатывать, общаются с новыми людьми и воплощают свои идеи.

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  • Nerijus Buivydas

    Nerijus Buivydas DEMOCRATIC SCHOOL

    Nerijus has opened a Democratic school to change the Lithuanian education system and aspire for an education system that will take into consideration the student's´needs and abilities, resulting in better quality in teaching and learning, and overall satisfaction.

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  • Irma Liubartienė

    Irma Liubartienė DRAMBLYS

    Irma has the ambition to increase EQ among teachers in Lithuania through a 4 modules EQ program called "Dramblys". She aims to introduce an EQ quality mark to schools in the country.

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  • Diana Lapkis & Anna Lokomete

    Diana Lapkis & Anna Lokomete BetterTogether

    The idea of project LabākKopā is to integrate primary and secondary school pupils from socially disadvantaged families, boarding schools and orphanages into society. Within the project, each child gets a student-mentors, who will not only help a child to get better grades in school, but also will become his friend, an example and a role model. Students-mentors will help pupils to believe in themselves and find talents to be developed, through formal and informal teaching methods.

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  • Sandrina Sandell & Camilla Tryti

    Sandrina Sandell & Camilla Tryti Løvetannakademiet

    Working with youth who have been within the child welfare system, Løvetannakademiet’s aim is that youth manage the transition from youth to adulthood. Many teenagers who have been in foster care often lack necessary life skills to manage by themselves after turning 18.

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  • Nina & Vladimir Nikiforovi

    Нина и Владимир Никифоровы ГАЛЕРЕЯ "БЕЛАЯ ЛОШАДЬ"

    Нина Никифорова - организатор, художник и директор галереи современного искусства «Белая Лошадь» , является автором детского международного конкурса Жеребёнок. Владимир Никифоров – координатор всех программ и направлений, реализуемых галереей.

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  • Aleksandrs Morozovs

    Aleksandrs Morozovs YOUNG FOLKS LV

    Young Folks LV is an organisation that empowers youngsters and helps them develop their skills and realise their full potential. Organisation provides various activities for youngsters, like School of Profession, leadership program Realitychangers, photography, painting, swimming and math lessons, as well as a summer camp for small kids, where youngsters become the leaders and project managers.

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  • Gita Rajan & Hermine Holm

    Gita Rajan & Hermine Holm WONSA

    Wonsa is creating a world free from sexual abuse with their specialized clinic for victims, research and education.

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  • Sandra Kinnaman Nordström

    Sandra Kinnaman Nordström The Good Talents

    The Good Talents is leadership and social entrepreneurship programs for youth. The program aims to give youths the knowledge, tools and networks needed to survive in an increasingly unstable job market. The Good Talents provides companies, municipalities and civil society organizations an unique opportunity to meet, interact and forge relationships with young people they would never come in contact with otherwise.

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  • Madeleine Opira

    Madeleine Opira A Million Minds

    Madeleine is an educated lawyer who runs the think tank A Million Minds, which work to change the image of the Stockholm’s housing projects and motivate and improve the conditions for youths living there.

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  • Borislav Kirilov & Vladimir Dzharkalov

    Borislav Kirilov & Vladimir Dzharkalov TWISTED KIDS

    Twisted Kids have developed an integrated program for healthy children in order to solve the problem with the growing number of children with obesity and overweight.

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  • Ashod Derandonyan & Alexander Ivanov

    Ashod Derandonyan & Alexander Ivanov LISTEN UP FOUNDATION

    Providing equal access to Deaf and Hard of Hearing children and youth by establishing a national center for video relay sign language interpretation and speech-to-text services for communication with people outside the community, raising awareness in the society and stimulating Deaf pride.

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  • Mikhail Krivonos

    Михаил Кривонос ЦЕНТР "РАБОТА-I"

    Помогаем выпускникам детских домов и молодым людям с ограниченными возможностями реализовать мечту о лучшей жизни.

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  • Merete Grimeland & Therese Byhring

    Merete Grimeland & Therese Byhring World Wide Narrative

    Merete and Therese focus on reducing relational challenges among children who have experienced a difficult upbringing. In addition, World Wide Narrative provide a tool which supports children in developing resilience and turn a negative past into a bright future by rewriting the childrens personal narratives. This is achieved through their two products ’Digital storytelling’ and ’HEI!’.

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  • Mikhail  Epshtein


    Михаил Эпштейн из Санкт-Петербурга создал первый в России Интерактивный музей "Мир математики", где дети могут не только увидеть и почувствовать красоту математических идей, но и забыть о своих школьных страхах перед этой наукой.

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  • Stoyana Stoeva & Maya Doneva

    Stoyana Stoeva & Maya Doneva SOCIAL TEAHOUSE

    The Teahouse of Maya Doneva and Stoyana Stoeva aims to provide first job to young people raised in institutions as an instrument for achieving independent lifestyle and social environment of high quality.

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  • Elin  Wernquist Roberts

    Elin Wernquist Roberts Barnrättsbyrån

    Barnrättsbyrån works with children and young people’s human rights. It is Sweden’s first advocacy service devoted to children’s rights which offer individual children and young people practical help, support and advice.

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  • Tsonka Todorova

    Tsonka Todorova Cancer Patients and Friends Association

    Tsonka and Cancer Patients and Friends Association are helping children having a parent with cancer, who live in fear and stress caused by the diagnose and the possible tragic end.

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  • Violeta Masteikienė

    Violeta Masteikienė FRIENDS JAM

    Friends' Jam uses harvest excess to make tasty jam together with big families, sell it and create opportunity to earn extra money.

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  • Elena Kabakchieva

    Elena Kabakchieva Health and Social Development Foundation

    Elena and HESED Foundation are helping Roma children in order to develop their social skills, delay early marriage, avoid risky behavior and achieve successful professional orientation.

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  • Yvan Bayisabe & Fredrik Mosis

    Yvan Bayisabe & Fredrik Mosis VIBRO

    VIBRO is an organization for and by youth, which focuses on engaging and empowering youth, and to encourage youth to actively participate in society.

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  • Dana Narvaiša

    Dana Narvaiša Get to know your child

    Dana identified the gap in the educational system and child upbringing, the period, where parents don't hear or understand the child needs and created the program for parents and children on how to close that gap. Because this gap exists in many families, regardless of the child specifics, this child (even from a very good family) may have problems with education and behavioural issues in the future, this child may become a bully or be bullied.

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  • Anne Stine Hole & Christina Væting Nergård

    Anne Stine Hole & Christina Væting Nergård Generasjonsmøtet M

    Generasjonsmøtet M aims to provide job opportunities for youth, whilst also tending to the needs of the elderly. They offer part time jobs to youth aged 14 – 19, who in turn visit elderly at nursing homes, who often are lonely and inactive.

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  • Участники наших программ / Наши выпускники
  • Aliya Arkharova

    Алия Архарова

    Экономист, бухгалтер, учредитель и Президент ОФ «Ашық Әлем». Алия - мама ребенка с аутизмом, и работает над созданием в Казахстане эффективной системы помощи детям с расстройством аутистического спектра.

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  • Yerlan Kumiskaliev

    Ерлан Кумискалиев

    Ерлан создал центр канистерапии в Атырау, чтобы помочь детям с ограниченными возможностями здоровья и различными заболеваниями, которых врачи признали неизлечимыми.

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  • Natalya  Shimina

    Наталья Шимина ПАРТНЕРЫ ПО РАДОСТИ

    Наталья Шимина - директор АНО «Партнёры по радости», член Союза журналистов России. Автор и разработчик программ, направленных на социально-культурную реабилитацию детей.

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  • Nils Holm

    Nils Holm På Rätt Köl

    På rätt köl is an educational concept for students with ADHD & ADD. The concept combines traditional, theoretical studies with life coaching and boat building.

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  • Miriam Lundqvist

    Miriam Lundqvist Lajvverkstaden

    LajvVerkstaden uses live action role-playing as a pedagogical tool for students, who create exciting learning situations by playing different characters.

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  • Georgios Karpathakis

    Georgios Karpathakis Underbara ADHD

    Underbara ADHD is a platform where children with ADHD, their families and others can educate one another and improve their understanding of the diagnosis. The vision is that by highlighting the positive with an ADHD diagnosis children's self-image and confidence can be enforced.

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  • Ida Östensson

    Ida Östensson Make Equal

    Our vision is an equal and inclusive society. With practical methods, we help organizations to reach and include audiences they find it difficult to reach.

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  • Sherry Hakimnejad

    Sherry Hakimnejad KOMPASS & CO

    Kompass & Co provide vocational training and give access to work experience for youth who have dropped out of school. Kompass & Co's increase the youth's self-esteem and their belief in their own capabilities.

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  • John Laselle

    John Laselle Löparakademin

    Löparakademin helps youth living in Stockholm’s housing projects set and achieve personal goals through long-distance running.

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  • Catharina Richter &  Monica Nanni

    Catharina Richter & Monica Nanni Randiga Huset

    Randiga Huset supports grieving children and their families, and strive to raise community awareness about children in mourning.

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  • Johanna Valentin

    Johanna Valentin Utsiktstornet

    Utsiktstornet uses chess as an educational tool to give children a playful opportunity to develop, both socially and intellectually.

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  • Sanna Bergendahl

    Sanna Bergendahl Föreningen Storasyster

    Föreningen Storasyster mentors sexually abused children so that they’re able to talk about their experiences and get the help they need.

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  • Arkan  Asaad

    Arkan Asaad Right 2 Choose

    By engaging and educating youth ambassadors to spread the knowledge of universal equality and the idea that nothing in life is impossible.

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  • Elena Timofeeva

    Елена Тимофеева JEWELGIRLS

    Елена Тимофеева - практикующий психолог, экзистенциальный терапевт. Работала в первом и единственном в России Центре реабилитации для пострадавших от торговли людьми, автор статей, руководств, курировала горячую линию. Обучалась на международных программах по соблюдению прав человека. Сейчас Президент Благотворительного фонда Безопасный дом, менеджер проекта JewelGirls.

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  • Vladimir Kovalskiy


    Владимир является руководителем Томского отделения Street style club – Сибирского объединения трейсеров и президентом РОО Федерация Экстремального Спорта и молодежных спортивных движений Томской области.

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  • Raivis Hščanovičs

    Raivis Hščanovičs RH3 FOUNDATION

    RH3 Foundation established by Raivis aims to help fulfill the dreams of children affected by cancer.

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  • Patricia Raweka

    Patricia Raweka Gro Play

    GroPlay.com produces local, environmentally friendly, educational toys, games and apps that make learning about the environment fun.

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  • Ina  Grasmane

    Ina Grasmane LOVE HOUSE

    Ina created Love House where children are looking for an answer to the question “who am I?” with the careful guidance from adults. Latvian specialists developed education, training and therapeutic system called "Pedagogy of Love" that is being implemented in the LoveHouse. This unique system is teaching children to love the life. It also teaches adults how to talk to children so that the child would get the message “We Love You!”

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  • Johan Wendt

    Johan Wendt Mattecentrum

    Mattecentrum offers students free mathematics coaching through open-house tutoring sessions and the online tool matteboken.se

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  • Soledad Piñero Misa

    Soledad Piñero Misa Retoy

    Retoy creates play areas with and for children – places where they can play, borrow, exchange and learn about sustainability and the child convention.

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  • Malin Agn

    Malin Agn Sundare Barn

    Sundare Barn supports parents of overweight children by providing online advice and by arranging health care seminars and exercise trips for families.

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  • Åsa & Johanna Olsson Järnhäll

    Åsa & Johanna Olsson Järnhäll Barnkraft

    Barnkraft’s educational programme teaches personnel in schools, preschools and the public sector to listen to, understand and help sexually abused children.

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  • Ivan  Blagoev

    Ivan Blagoev

    Ivan Blagoev aims to inspire children from institutions giving them crafting and creative skills in order to develop their potential and their ability to think in perspective.

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  • Naim Zeneli

    Naim Zeneli Forza Ungdom

    Forza Ungdom helps unaccompanied child refugees by providing them with a network of adult role models and friends of the same age.

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Объяснение условных обозначений :

development Здоровье и Развитие :
Забота о детском здоровье и развитии .

education Образование:
Расширение доступа к образованию .

social inclusion Инклюзия:
Обеспечение участия детей из незащищенных слоев населения в жизни общества на равных началах .

child protection Защита детства :
Защита детей от физического и психического насилия и угроз .

expression and participation Самовыражение и Участие :
Помощь в самовыражении и участии в общественной жизни через обеспечение улучшенного доступа к информации .

economic patricipation Участие в экономической деятельности:
Подготовка молодежи к успешному выходу на рынок труда .

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